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5 Kogia Street

5 Kogia Street

Peter and Kari are father and daughter.
Peter started drawing when he could first hold a pencil, nearly 80 years ago.
Kari made her first pot in her Dad’s home studio when she was three.
Actually, they both just like to make stuff.
Several decades later they exhibited together for the very first time in this exhibition.

They have both spent a lifetime camping and walking in the Australian bush, and pursuing a creative life; Peter in the realm of painting and drawing, Kari in a world of music and performance.  In recent years they both found new ground for their creativity. Kari discovered a love for ceramics, exploring surface and form and expressing an emotional response to her beloved Australian landscape.  Peter's landscape became more and more abstract.

5 Kogia St refers to the name of the street where Kari grew up, in the family home that Peter built. Solid foundations of creativity were built for Kari.
The father's paintings, the daughter's installation ceramics, filled the endearing Rosebed Street Gallery in Eudlo, South East Queensland.

The works were diplayed in series

Shrines to rain
Lilies on the pond (referencing Monet's lily paintings)
Mobile of tears
Let's have tea

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